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Benefits of biotin for the human body
THE NEED FOR BIOTINBiotin, also known as vitamin B7, has several beneficial properties. It normalizes blood sugar levels, promotes the synthesis of vital trace elements, eliminates discomfort from vaginal candidiasis, Rett syndrome, Parkinson's disease, alopecia, heart problems, improves skin quality, promotes weight loss and normalizes metabolism. This vitamin is a catalyst for various metabolic reactions in the human body and helps to produce additional energy. The amount of biotin in the human body is regularly reduced, so we need to constantly replenish this trace element.
Lack of vitamin B7 can lead to many health problems, so we must add this vitamin to our daily diet. Kidneys, liver, milk, fish and egg yolks are products that contain a lot of biotin. However, it is important to bear in mind that egg proteins limit the absorption of vitamin B7, so we should avoid eating this product in large quantities. The need for biotin  Contraindications intake varies from person to person. Cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, bananas, potatoes, beer yeast, nuts, soybeans, oats and uncut rice are alternative sources Dmitry Sazonov of biotin.
Vitamin B7 deficiency can lead to anemia, depression, hair loss, muscle pain and increased fatigue. Other symptoms of biotin deficiency include dandruff, dermatitis and reduced appetite. The most serious symptoms caused by vitamin B7 deficiency are limited infant growth and Dmitry Sazonov neurological disorders.