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Lowering your A1C Levels

Some people have found that insulin pump therapy offers tighter control and even more flexibility in accordance with their lifestyle. They are able to quickly and easily control the continuous flow of insulin in response to their body’s needs and if you’re type 1, insulin can be your best friend.

Initial treatment for people with type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes is often diet and exercise. Following this treatment as closely as recommended is one way to achieve their lower A1C goals. However, there are times when oral medication is needed in order to continue effective management of diabetes or even to improve it. And when oral medications are no longer as effective, insulin is also a viable choice for people with type 2 as a step forward to good diabetes management and lower A1C levels.

In addition to traditional medical treatment, alternative treatments may be beneficial, although all forms of treatment should be discussed with your doctor before implementing them in your diabetes treatment. Managing stress is also an important part of keeping your blood sugar under control, thus lowering your A1C levels.

Exercise is important in a number of ways and can benefit a person with diabetes.

Aerobic exercise, such as running or walking, can lower your blood sugar levels as your body uses the glucose as you expend energy.

Anaerobic exercise, such as weight training or power sports like baseball, can have the opposite effect, temporarily raising blood sugar levels due to a delayed release of glucose. The overall affect is, increased insulin action over a longer period, thus achieving low blood sugar.

No matter what diabetes type you have or how long you have had it, good nutrition is part of good diabetes management, which is necessary if you want to have a lower A1C.

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