Eating Right with Diabetes

Eating Right with Diabetes

People with diabetes should focus on whole foods that are high in fiber and nutrient-dense. This includes virtually all plant foods; most low-fat dairy products; including lean meat, poultry, and fish. Conversely, it is necessary to keep highly processed foods, which are often full of refined flour and sugar, to a minimum. This means choosing brown rice over white, whole-grain bread instead of white bread and sweet potatoes over russet or other white varieties.

 Typically the choice that gives you the most fiber is the right one. And for fats, you should chose skim milk instead of whole, ground turkey over ground beef, and olive and vegetable oils in place of butter or lard. Added sugars should be avoided. Agave syrup or nectar is a good substitute. It has calories, but they don’t affect your sugar levels.

 The good news is; the best diet for people with diabetes is really the same kind of healthy eating that is best for everyone. Rather than cutting out your favorite foods, you just need to learn how to balance moderation, carb control and healthy eating habits.

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